We trust in new ideas and state-of-the-art technology which the road to the future. We desire to travel this road hand in hand with our valued customers and our employees to seek and find prosperity for the Group and the country.

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Welcome to Boshudha Petro Chemicals Ltd.

Boshudha Petro Chemicals Ltd. is a worldwide operating lubricant manufacturer developing, producing and distributing high-grade greases, oils, pastes and sprays for nearly all industrial applications and manufacturing sectors. Known under the trade mark “BOSHUDHA LUBE“, the company was founded in 2009 and since has established an extensive network of subsidiaries and sales representatives around the globe. Our degree of specialization, the high innovation rate and our first-class products are just a few reasons for the growing success of the BOSHUDHA LUBE brand in the world market.

Efficient technologies for innovative products

The combination of the latest production technologies and the qualification of our staff enable the production of our tailor-made, economical and ecological lubricants. We operate according to the Quality Management System and attach great importance to the adherence of the quality and environmental standards pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 for the protection of environmental resources.

World-class manufacturing

Customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Innovative and customer-orientated organization structures allow excellent cooperation between departments. This ensures an extensive and individualized consultation, a professional service, and an immediate order process. A worldwide networked, qualified sales force keeps a continuous partnership with the customer to satisfy his needs and requirements.


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We dedicate ourselves to supplying high-quality lubricant solutions that provide enhanced performance through constant innovation and continuous improvement.
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Why Choose Us

Boshudha Lube is a pioneer in the manufacturing and trading of a wide range of lubricants, greases, lubricant additives, and base oils with a firm focus on quality and performance.

Lubricant Additives

Our additives include Anti-foam agents, Antiwear agents, TBN booster, Dispersants, Pour Point Depressants, Hydraulic Oil additive, Gear Oil additive, ATF additive, Anti oxidants and complete additive packages

Gasoline Engine Oils

We recommended for new generation naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and supercharged gasoline engines in passenger cars and SUVs.

15+ Years Experience

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  • Creative Invension
  • Competitor research
  • World-class technology
  • Optimize operations


We can supply the finest quality of highly refined base oils of Groups 1, 2 & 3 from the finest refineries. We can supply bulk quantities of SN 150, SN 500, N 150, N 500 as well as 4 CST, 6cst, and 8 CST products.

Diesel Engine Oils

Boshudha Lube is a semi-synthetic engine oil engineered for modern, high-performance diesel engines. Use in a wide range of heavy-duty applications.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

Boshudha Lubricants will lead the way to the future of energy with a firm commitment to quality, innovation and environment friendly practices.

Lubricants are used to reduce friction between moving parts or to reduce the resistance from fixed parts. They are produced by refining crude oil. There are several types of lubricants: Fluids (oils), Liquids, Solids (Teflon, graphite), Consistents (grease or silicone gel).

Lubricants are essential for any part requiring lubrication. Improves engine efficiency by reducing friction, Protects against wear and prolongs life, Keeps the engine clean, Cools the parts.

The “viscosity” of a lubricant refers to its ability to resist flow. There are two cases, either the viscosity is high or it is low: the lower the viscosity (0W/5W), the more friction is reduced, providing energy savings. Conversely, high viscosity will create a thick film between moving parts for maximum engine protection.

Each of the standards in the automotive sector designates lubricant characteristics and performance. ACEA (Association of European Automobile Manufacturers) performances and manufacturer approvals help you choose the lubricant that best suited to your needs in compliance with the technical requirements of your vehicle.

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